EQ Sponsors RILA Environmental Sustainability and Compliance Conference

EQ is a proud sponsor of the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) Environmental Sustainability & Compliance Conference (ESCC). The ESCC brings together executives involved in establishing environmental programs and integrating green practices into their companies. The conference’s program will address the key operational aspects of environmental sustainability and compliance for the retail industry, including sessions on energy, waste management, water conservation, store operations, real estate development, supply chain issues, and opportunities for improving corporate social responsibility. The conference will be held September 22–24, 2010 in San Diego, California. For more information on the conference, click on Environmental Sustainability & Compliance Conference page at RILA.

At the conference, EQ will exhibit its Retail Waste Solutions C3 Program. Characterization, Classification, and Compliance (C3) is a revolutionary program that allows the retail customer complete, real time data information to ensure proper characterization and classification, resulting in compliant packaging and disposition of waste products managed.

The C3 and EQ’s Mobile Information Manager links to our real-time online data platform. This is available for customers as an important environmental compliance reporting tool required by federal and state agencies. Customers can view waste volume data down to the store level, track waste profiles, examine manifests and view invoices online.

The C3 Advantage

  • Classification—Determine what type of waste is being generated
  • Characterization—Determine what category and method the waste will be disposed
  • Compliance—Follow state, local and federal regulations for proper disposal

Combining C3 with our nationwide waste pick-up and disposal network making 35,000 stops annually, EQ offers the most comprehensive retail waste program.


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