Who needs a lawnmower when you can rent some sheep and goats instead?

Who needs a lawnmower when you can rent some sheep and goats instead?American farmers lease their sheep and goats for cutting grass. They say that this is much better and more environmentally friendly.

To remove excess grass and weeds in the yard, Americans use lawn mowers. It’s pretty quick. But not very convenient. How to facilitate the cleaning of the yard, invented by American farmers. Goats are needed for overgrown territory. They can climb high and weed out the weeds in the trees. And sheep eat grass on a flat surface.

The company for the rental of goats and sheep in California, small orders do not fulfill, because it is not profitable. They leave only on the territory, which exceed 2 hectares. Serving fields, large state territories and reserves. The price is one dollar twenty-five cents for one animal.

“Often in large areas chemicals are used, then these fields are difficult to sow, and our goats do everything in a natural way,” says Armand Saves, a farmer.

To clear the grass and weeds of half a hectare of land you need 450 goats or sheep. With their work they will cope in just one day.

In rent rent not only goats. In Oregon, farmers went even further – renting out lamas. The most popular service is for the animals to come to the wedding!

Funny Lamas are invited to children’s holidays and even to old people’s homes. And some farmers lease llamas to tourists, so that they ride on animals hiking. On one lama you can ride for $ 70 per day.

Let’s remind, the British scientists from the University of Cambridge have found out, that sheep have developed enough intelligence.

Picture Credit: Engin_Akyurt

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