Why an Electric Fireplace is Better Than Usual

Why an Electric Fireplace is Better Than UsualWhen winter is near, the apartment owners start thinking about installing a fireplace. It can interestingly diversify the interior, adds comfort, and warms in the winter. But not every room can provide a place for an open flame. Where it is more convenient to install an electric fireplace.

Such devices operate on electricity, so they can be kept both in a private house and in a regular apartment.

Varieties of electric fireplaces

There are several types of electric fireplaces that will easily fit into any design: high-tech, loft or good old classics – they harmoniously complement the interior. These devices also have a wide range of sizes, allowing to install such fireplaces in any room.

In addition, there are wall electrofireplaces that are mounted on the wall, and look like a picture; mobile floor – you can actually put anywhere, and even pick up when moving somewhere with you; and models mounted directly into the wall or into a specially decorated ledge-portal, and they cannot be distinguished from the classical firebox.


Security. Such electrical devices are much safer, since they do not emit carbon monoxide, unlike those that heat wood. Also, do not be afraid that some ember could fall out and cause a fire. Electric fireplaces can be installed in rooms where there are children or pets, because when you visualize the flame, electric fireplaces themselves do not heat up, so there is no risk of getting burned.

Operation and care

One of the serious shortcomings of the usual wood fireplaces is that they need to be cleaned regularly from soot and other combustion products. In addition, firewood needs to be stored somewhere else. With electric such problems, of course, no.

Also, conventional fireplaces are not so easy to install – their installation is better to provide even during the construction phase. With electric everything is much easier. It will not be a big problem to install them even in a room with a ready repair. Also, no permits and approvals are required.


Buying firewood for heating is more expensive than paying for consumed electricity. These devices consume less electricity than conventional heaters, although they can operate in heat mode. Also, with electric it is not necessary to spend money on installation and repair, it is simply brought into the room and plugged in.

Benefit for health

In 3D-fireplaces there is a steam generator, which not only creates the illusion of real fire and smoke, but also serves as a humidifier. Such a device would be very useful if any family member suffers from chronic diseases of the respiratory tract, since it does not dry the air, but rather moisturizes it. However, this moisture does not harm the furniture or walls. The user only needs to add water to the tank from time to time. Although, there are models that will relieve from these troubles, as they are connected directly to the home water supply.

There are even more revolutionary models – these are 5D-fireplaces, where the imitation of the hearth is complemented by the sound effects of crackling firewood.

Well, be sure, electric fireplaces do an excellent job with their main function – heating the room. Therefore, such a device will bring to the house not only comfort, but also warmth.

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