How to Take Care of a Cockatoo

How to Take Care of a CockatooMany, deciding to have a parrot, choose the type of cockatoo. These birds are attracted by the fact that they have amazing beauty and intelligence. In addition, the life of the cockatoo is almost the same as in humans. In other words, such a pet will spend with its owners for many years, but on condition that it is properly maintained.


Before you get a parrot cockatoo, you need to prepare for him a comfortable cage. Its size depends on the size of the bird – in her new home she should feel comfortable and spacious. Choosing a cage, it is also worth paying attention to the material from which it is made, as well as the thickness of the rods. It is best to give preference to the metal cage, as any other parrot can destroy with its powerful beak.

How to equip the cage?

Having bought a suitable cage for the cockatoo, it should be properly equipped. First of all, it is recommended to place a calcium bar in it – it is needed so that the bird can grind its powerful beak. It is important not to forget about perches – there must be at least two of them. Forms for food and water – necessarily. You can also place in the cage tools for entertainment birds: a pocket mirror, rocker, wheel, bells and other toys that will not let your pet get bored.

Where to place the cage?

After the cell is properly equipped, it must be suspended to a height of human growth in a place that has sufficient lighting. Bear in mind that drafts are very harmful to the cockatoo. Also, they should not be near heating devices.


The parrot cage needs to be cleaned every day. It is also extremely important to change the bird’s water and feed every day. If the food is not perishable, then you can not touch it for several days. Containing a cockatoo at home, it is very important to ensure that the bird receives a sufficient amount of ultraviolet radiation. If the parrot gets very little sunlight, it is recommended to install an UV lamp and turn it on from time to time.

How to feed a cockatoo?

In order for the cockatoo to remain healthy and to please its owners for many years, it must be properly fed. Basically, the cockatoo ration should consist of special cereal mixtures, it can also be fed with fresh fruits, green and yellow vegetables, eggs and grated cheese. In no case should the cockatoo be fed with products such as cabbage or lettuce, parsley and avocado. It is also important to remember that the cockatoo should never consume caffeine.

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