Recent Expansion of Airport Services

Since 1997, EQ’s Airport Services Division has tailored our services to assist our aviation customers in managing their glycol-contaminated stormwater programs. Using the latest in waste water technologies, collection methods and an extensive transportation and marketing network, EQ airport services has helped ensure our customers’ continued compliance to their local, state and federal discharge regulations and permits.

EQ Airport Services has experienced significant growth since the inception and was recently awarded a contract to provide on-site spent Aircraft Deicing Fluid (ADF) recycling services at the T.F. Green and Quonset Airports (PVD) in Providence, RI. EQ Airport Services and EQ Northeast will work together to provide the on site services for this location.

The glycol collected on site will be shipped via rail back to the Glycol Processing Unit at the EQRR facility located in Romulus, MI. The material is then pretreated and processed through a high efficiency evaporator to separate water from glycol (to approximately 60-70% glycol concentration). The concentrated glycol is then further processed through a vacuum distillation column to produce a 99+% pure product. The recycled product is sold to established outlet markets for reuse as an industrial grade Propylene Glycol.

EQ also recently won a contract to supply operators to run the anaerobic waste water treatment plant as well as the recycling plant at the Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) in Cincinnati, OH. Two EQ technicians will be on-site full time to oversee the daily operation of the plants.

With the addition of these two locations, EQ now has fixed based operations at six major airports across the United States.


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