CD&E Refining Effectively Recovers Precious Metals

CD&E Refining, a partnership of EQ – The Environmental Quality Company and Cyanide Destruct System, Inc., has moved to a new permitted facility. Due to the increased demand for Gold and Silver recovery services, the capacity at the new plant has been effectively doubled. Located in York PA, CD&E provides specialized precious metal refining services.

Gold and silver cyanide solutions in the form of baths, rinses, drag-outs and stripping solutions are processed with highly efficient extraction processes. Items including circuit boards, electronic scrap, jewellery and gold and silver plated products are all accepted at this facility.

For your assurance of environmental sustainability, all electronic and circuit board scrap is 100% recycled. Customers will receive a faster return and a more accurate assay with this cyanide stripping process.

CD&E provides complete destruction of post recovery cyanide residues utilizing thermal hydrolysis process.

More than just a refining service, CD&E has the integrity and resources to service all your precious metal refining and environmental compliance requirements.


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