EQ Completes Pipeline Pier Replacement for Natural Gas Customers

EQ – The Environmental Quality Company is the industry leader in using non-evasive hydro-excavation technologies for pipeline pier replacement projects. This non-evasive exposure process offers the safest and most efficient way to effectively remove and replace pipeline piers.

This process involves hydro-excavating dirt, clay, sand and rocks from around a concrete pier used to hold the weight of a high pressure natural gas transmission pipeline. Once the pier is exposed, it is removed and scraped to clean soil. Concrete forms are put in place and a special mix of concrete is poured on both a footing and vertical riser.

Once the concrete is hardened, the forms are removed and the excavation hole is back-filled and compacted to precise specifications. The area at this time is fully restored and ready for use. Clamps, nuts/bolts, chocks and new teflon lining are then installed underneath u-clamps to prevent any abrasion of the pipe during cycling.


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