EQ Strengthens and Expands Services for Customers in the Midwest and Northeast

Since EQ’s acquisition of Envirite in 2010, we have been evolving our products and services in response to customer needs. By now offering a turnkey set of environmental solutions to our customers in the Midwest and Northeast, EQ has further strengthened its industry leading service offering.

Building from Envirite’s excellent reputation and track record at their Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois sites, EQ has strengthened the business with its 57 year history in the industry while adding several key services and capabilities. In addition to industry leading Federal delisting treatment process, stabilization, wastewater, transportation, and metals reclamation services, EQ has expanded lab packing, remediation, LTL, and industrial services products enabling EQ to offer a diverse, vertically-integrated suite of services.

One of the highlights for this business since the Envirite acquisition is metals reclamation. In response to growing demand in the market for precious metals, EQ has created a program offering generators the opportunity to reclaim metals such as Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin, and Nickel, and receive a credit for a share of the market value of the reclaimed metals. Accordingly, this program offers a compelling low cost approach to treating metals that can be considered recycling by the EPA.

With these additional service offerings and increased overall strength, EQ has further developed the former Envirite businesses into a regional full service center.

You’ve got environmental problems to solve, we’ve got solutions. EQ is the answer!


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