Michigan Mercury Program 2014

EQ has again partnered with the State of Michigan to facilitate the collection of mercury. The Great Lakes Mercury Collection Program is providing FREE mercury collection services to Michigan areas and business sites.

The free program will run through September 30, 2014. This is an on-going effort to collect and properly recycle mercury. EQ – The Environmental Quality Company – will ensure proper recycling methods which will reduce the amount of mercury from entering our environment.

The program is easy. Upon request, EQ will send a free collection bucket with a shipping box to your door via common carrier. Each bucket will contain the easy-to-follow return instructions. Once the bucket is filled with the mercury containing device(s), just simply apply the return label (provided with your bucket), securely tape the box, and place it where the designated shipper normally picks up your packages. EQ will facilitate the recycling of the mercury containing devise(s). Most mercury items can be returned through this mail-back program. Some examples of eligible mercury containing devises include: thermometers, thermostats, gauges with silver colored liquid inside, dental amalgam, hydrometers, etc.


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