CIPP Lining Sewer Service

EQ Now Offers Cured-in-Place Pipe Lining Sewer Services
EQ – The Environmental Quality Company continues to grow, strengthening its position as a leading environmental services provider. While EQ Industrial Services already provided underground inspection and pipe maintenance, our acquisition of Allstate Power Vac (APV) in 2013 expanded EQ’s Sewer Services offerings. EQ now adds Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) Lining Sewer Services.

What is CIPP Lining?
CIPP Lining rehabilitates cracked, broken, and failed sanitary or storm sewer pipes through creating a new pipe-within-a-pipe on site. CIPP lining can rehabilitate virtually any type of pipe including:

  • Clay
  • Cast Iron
  • Orangeburg
  • PVC
  • ABS
  • HDPE
  • Concrete
  • Corrugated Metal

Because it is trenchless, CIPP lining avoids the expense and disruption of open cut pipe replacement.

CIPP Lining Repair
CIPP lining requires bypassing the damaged section of pipe during the repair. After removing obstructions and cleaning, EQ technicians insert a resin-impregnated felted fabric into the damaged pipe, fill the fabric with water to expand it to the pipe’s interior circumference, and then cure it in place by heating the water or pumping in steam.

After curing the liner, EQ reinstates any lateral or service connection openings by remote-operated drill quickly and safely, to minimize service interruption to the utility or municipality’s end customer.

Making a Difference for Customers
EQ’s CIPP sewer services have enabled municipal and utility customers in the large cities of the Northeast to make repairs more cost effectively and with less disruption. Since the acquisition of APV, EQ has already extended CIPP lining expertise to current projects in Michigan and other Midwestern states.

EQ’s CIPP lining services along with proficiency in sump and catch-basin cleaning, jet rodder cleaning, video inspection, and by-pass pumping, are allowing EQ to better serve the market and offer the industry’s premier set of fully integrated environmental services.

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