Tesla promises to completely transfer “Supercharger” to solar energy

Tesla promises to completely transfer "Supercharger" to solar energyElon Musk announced that Tesla plans to completely transfer the Supercharger to solar powered.

At present, there are about 900 recharging stations in which more than 5,500 chargers from Tesla are located.

According to the Elon Musk assurances, at each Supercharger station, solar panels will be installed to generate electricity and accumulators for its accumulation. Gradually all Tesla charging stations will be disconnected from the power grid.

In addition, the Supercharger network will continue to expand significantly – including in connection with the release of the “popular” electric car Tesla Model 3, which the company has already received half a million orders.

By the end of this year, the Supercharger network will be expanded by almost twice, the number of chargers will reach 10,000. So, for owners of electric vehicles every day, it will be easier to find recharging stations for their electric iron horses.

Also at the moment, Tesla Motors is wondering where to equip another three battery manufacturing plants in addition to the Gigafactory – and not even build a fifth venture.

Last year, Tesla Motors put more than 76,000 electric cars on the market, which, by contrast, is slightly lower than the 80,000 planned by them. The demand for their cars in the last quarter was particularly high.

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