50th Anniversary – Our History

This year marks the 50th anniversary of EQ – The Environmental Quality Company, founded by the late Michael Ferrantino, Sr.

Born in Detroit in 1928, Mr. Ferrantino was a first generation American. His parents, immigrants from Italy finding a new life in Detroit while raising 8 children, experienced hard times. Just before Christmas in 1928, both parents fell ill and were unable to care for their children. Fortunately, the GoodfellowÕs charitable organization in Detroit was able to come to the familyÕs aid. They provided food and gifts to the children while their parents were nursed back to health, making that Christmas a bit easier for the whole family.

The charitable assistance that Michael Ferrantino and his family received at such a young age provided him the opportunity to make a better life and the motivation to make a difference. Armed with only a single truck and determination, Mr. Ferrantino first began hauling sand to a local brick making company. This lead to future business opportunities.

Mr. Ferrantino was one of the first to recognize the need to provide environmental management services to industry. He founded the company that served as the platform of what is now known as EQ Ð The Environmental Quality Company in 1957, at that time known as Wayne Disposal. Through hard work and the recognition of the need for strong customer relationships, he further expanded his business in the 1960Õs and 1970Õs by building additional solid and industrial waste landfills.

At this time, strict environmental regulations were beginning to be put in place. Recognizing the need for industry to comply with these regulations, Michigan Disposal Waste Treatment Plant was created. Wayne Disposal also received its first hazardous waste RCRA permit so the company could accept such industrial wastes.

The company was turned over to Mr. FerrantinoÕs five children in 1984. One of Michael FerrantinoÕs favorite sayings was ÒItÕs not important to be the biggest, but to be the best.Ó His family continued their fatherÕs legacy by continuing to build strong customer relationships and expanding the companyÕs business offerings. EQ Ð The Environmental Quality Company was officially formed in 1993, through the reorganization of companies such as Wayne Disposal, Michigan Recovery Systems and Envotech Management Services.

In 1997, the solid waste portion of the business was sold to Allied Waste, while top executive management of the company, Michael Ferrantino, David Lusk, and Michael Miller recapitalized the remainder of EQ. At that time, EQ consisted of 4 facilities with 164 employees all in the state of Michigan. Since then, the owners have facilitated growth at EQ by offering a wide range of services that complement EQÕs core businesses. This included the formation of EQ Industrial Services, Airport Services, Emergency Response, EQ International Holdings and the addition of nine facilities and service centers. The addition of these locations has allowed EQ to better provide the efficient, effective and affordable services our customers have come to expect.

Today, EQ has grown to include more than 20 locations offering a comprehensive line of hazardous and industrial waste management, transportation, industrial cleaning, remediation, recycling and specialized technical services. Our growth is the result of continuous innovation and the effective application of the most reliable environmental technologies. Beginning with one employee, EQ now employs over 650 people in 18 states. Our associates have enabled EQ to lead the industry in customer satisfaction while offering the most complete line of environmental services.

Mr. Ferrantino would be proud to see what his one truck hauling sand has grown into today. We continue to strive to be the best in the industry, providing the most innovative and cost effective environmental management solutions. Our customers have come to expect this from EQ. The success of EQ throughout our long history has been made possible due to the many customer relationships we have built over the years. Thank you for your business opportunities. We look forward to continuing our relationship and celebrating our history for many years to come.


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