EQ – Improving Customer Satisfaction with a New Corporate-Wide Invoicing System

To continue as the industry leader in providing high quality services for our customers, EQ – The Environmental Quality Company is implementing a corporate-wide central invoicing system. The new invoice process will provide many benefits for our customers. Beginning November 12, 2007, all customer invoices will be centralized under the corporate name of EQ – The Environmental Quality Company. Previously, the separate EQ business units generated invoices; i.e., EQ Industrial Services, EQ Northeast, etc. This change is necessary as we continue to expand our service offerings throughout the United States. This enhancement will benefit our customers as follows:

  • All invoices will come from the one corporate name of EQ. This will especially benefit our customers that conduct business with multiple EQ facilities.
  • Each invoice will be much more clear, with additional supplementary detail for the service rendered.
  • Our new system allows for the flexibility to customize the formatting of the invoice to meet your requirements.
  • We can provide as much backup as necessary for the customer, such as manifest copies.
  • All invoice information is easily accessible through our website, www.eqonline.com. If you have not yet set up your customer account, please click on our website.

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