EQ Timeline

Michael Ferrantino, Sr. as an extension of a sand hauling, excavation and sewer installation business, founded what would become EQ – THE ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY COMPANY in 1957. A small landfill in southeastern Michigan – Wayne Disposal, Inc. (WDI) – was opened and strong relationships were built with waste haulers as EQ began operating additional sites: Subsection Title: 1960s Built additional solid and industrial waste landfills. Subsection Title: 1974 Michigan Disposal Waste Treatment Plant (MDWTP) was built to provide a waste disposal solution for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants that were having a difficult time disposing of their treatment sludge. A modern treatment facility was constructed after the promulgation of RCRA in the early 1980s and today MDWTP is the largest treatment and solidification facility (by volume) in the United States, processing both process and remedial waste streams. MDWTP has also been certified to accept CERCLA (Superfund) waste by the U.S. E.P.A. since 1992.

Subsection Title: 1982 Wayne Disposal, Inc. (WDI) received its first RCRA permit and currently operates the only commercial hazardous waste landfill in the state of Michigan and the only TSCA permitted landfill in the midwestern United States. Because of WDI’s exemplary safety and compliance record, the company was the first in the nation to secure environmental liability insurance for a hazardous waste landfill facility. Subsection Title: 1986 EQ continued to expand its capabilities by acquiring EQ Resource Recovery, Inc. (EQRR). This allowed EQ to add the recycling of organic solvent materials as well as fuel blending, chemical recycling, wastewater treatment and oil-water treatment to its line of services.

Subsection Title: 1997 The solid waste portion of business was sold to Allied Waste. Current shareholders Michael Ferrantino, David Lusk and Michael Miller recapitalized the remainder of the company. EQ Industrial Services, Inc. (EQIS) was launched with the addition of more than 200 pieces of highly specialized industrial cleaning and maintenance equipment. Now EQ could also offer in-plant, industrial cleaning and maintenance services to its customers. Subsection Title: 1998 EQ Airport Services was developed as a division of EQRR to provide glycol recycling and storm water management services to aviation clients. Additionally, EQ International Holdings was formed to develop and operate environmental service organizations outside of the United States. Subsection Title: 2000 The EQ Resource Management Division (EQRM) was created. This division of EQIS provides in-plant total waste management to large industrial companies. Subsection Title: 2001 The EQ Emergency Response Team expanded to provide 24-hour spill response across the United States and Canada.

Subsection Title: 2003 EQ acquired Franklin Environmental Services in Wrentham, Massachusetts. The company was renamed EQ Northeast and provides decontamination, industrial cleaning, remediation, emergency response, waste transportation and waste disposal services. Subsection Title: 2004 EQ acquired the assets from several US Liquids locations. EQ Detroit, Inc. (formerly USL Detroit) gives EQ additional treatment capacity and operational flexibility in the highly industrialized upper Midwest. EQ Florida, Inc. (formerly USL Florida) is a RCRA Part B permitted TSDF that provides lab pack, HHW and LTL logistical services for industrial and municipal clients in Florida and Georgia. EQ Augusta Inc., located in Georgia, is a non-hazardous wastewater treatment plant. And, EQ Mobile Recycling Services, Inc. (formerly First Source, Inc.) is a fleet of mobile solvent recycling trucks serving industrial clients in the eastern half of the country. Subsection Title: 2006 EQ acquired the assets of Angus Tank Cleaning Corporation of New Jersey. The acquisition further strengthened EQ’s eastern United States marine terminal operations, including the New York Harbor. Subsection Title: 2007 EQ – The Environmental Quality Company proudly celebrates its 50th Anniversary.


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