2009 Environmental Business Journal Business Achievement Award

EQ was recently awarded a 2009 Environmental Business Journal Business Achievement Award in the category of “Technology Merit: Waste Management & Pollution Control”. EQ received this recognition for successfully responding to customer needs by offering thermal desorption technology when new land disposal restrictions in Ontario, Canada limited waste disposal options for oil refineries. Working with strategic technology partner DuraTherm Inc., EQ installed an indirect-fired thermal desorption unit (ITDU) at the company’s facility in Belleville, Michigan to respond to these waste disposal demands. DuraTherm’s technology and experience, coupled with EQ’s vast hazardous waste management infrastructure and industry experience offered a valuable benefit to EQ’s customers.

Thermal desorption is a safe, established technology used to manage refinery waste. This waste includes API separator sludge, tank bottoms, sewer cleaning sludge, etc. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality considers this technology recycling which is an added benefit that refineries have not been able to take advantage of in the past. In addition to reduced customer liability, the process allows customers to claim a recycling credit for approximately 15 percent of the amount of waste. Recycled oil can be returned to the customer at a desired specification or sold directly into the fuels market.


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