Letter to customers regarding Envirite Acquisition. From David Lusk, President & CEO of EQ.

Dear Valued Customer,

EQ – The Environmental Quality Company is pleased to announce the acquisition of Envirite. This includes all waste treatment, transportation, service and recycling operations at Envirite of Ohio (Canton), Envirite of Illinois (Harvey) and Envirite of Pennsylvania (York).

With the addition of Envirite, EQ becomes a nationwide leader in waste treatment services. Like EQ, Envirite has a long history of servicing the environmental industry. With over 35 years of experience, Envirite specializes in the treatment and recycling of metal bearing liquids and solids. This includes contaminated solids, debris, liquid and dry waste recovery. Services provided by Envirite include inorganic solid and liquid waste treatment, transportation services, drum waste management, metals recycling, technical services and remediation services. Envirite also possesses a unique federal delisting certification at its three facilities. This delisting is the result of demonstration to the EPA that Envirite’s proprietary treatment process converts fifteen types of listed inorganic waste into non-hazardous residues.

Integrating Envirite’s facilities with EQ’s service and TSDF network will provide many benefits to our customers. First, the facilities are strategically located in some of the most industrialized regions in the country, effectively moving EQ’s services closer to our customer base. With over 20 U.S. locations, EQ is well positioned to offer flexible and customized solutions to our customers in virtually any region of the country. Most importantly, EQ is impressed with the dedication to customer service demonstrated by Envirite’s associates. EQ now employs more than 800 of the most technically skilled professionals in the industry. These EQ associates will continue to provide you with the highest quality environmental services and deliver “best in class” customer care that sets the standard in the industry.

The facilities will be known as EQ Ohio, EQ Illinois and EQ Pennsylvania. EQ sincerely values the business relationships that we have with our customers and we look forward to continuing a long and mutually beneficial environmental partnership with your company.


David Lusk
President & CEO
EQ – The Environmental Quality Company


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