EQ Announces New Corporate Engineering Department

The newly-formed Corporate Engineering/EQ Management System (EQ MS) Department is bringing together a number of different specialties into one group that will help EQ continue to grow and maintain leadership as the best environmental services firm in the country. This department will concentrate on planning and standardizing EQ’s equipment and facilities and will provide them with the specialized resources that they need to be successful. The group will be responsible for providing (internal) engineering, design and project management services and maintaining the EQ Management System on a corporate-wide basis.

Having an in-house Engineering Department will provide a unified view of engineering, facility and process design to give each department the “right tools for the job” in order to be successful. By using in-house resources, lessons learned will be leveraged from previous projects. Best practices will be used as designs and work flows will be applied, rather than independently ‘re-inventing the wheel’ each time.

The Engineering Department will provide a unified view of the equipment maintenance life-cycle as well as investigation and planning from a corporate perspective, allowing best practices to be developed company-wide. The new department will also provide a central collection of all drawings, specifications, manuals, data and designs for EQ service, recycling, treatment and disposal sites.

The development of this new group will allow each EQ site to operate more effectively and efficiently by providing a pool of specialized support resources that each site uses and needs. This strategy allows the lessons learned with each successful project and operation to be used when the next project is planned. These lessons will pay off in smarter-designed facilities, equipment and processes which will allow EQ to continue to grow and remain the leader in the environmental industry. Our continuous innovation and effective application of the most reliable environmental technologies allows EQ to offer our customers the best available options for all their environmental needs.


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