EQ Metals Recycling

EQ now offers the capability to recover valuable metal residues from selected waste streams such as solutions containing precious metals, plated products including circuit boards and electronic scrap.  We have developed technologies to economically recover and recycle selected metals from waste streams that had been previously disposed of, resulting in a significant benefit to the environment. We work with a network of smelters, refiners and other recycling operations to assure the best ultimate outlet for your material.

Selective precipitation processes are used to recover metals such as nickel, copper, zinc, palladium, platinum, cobalt and tin.  We also use a reverse plating process of precious metal such as gold and silver from cyanide plating baths.  Multiple step treatment processes can also be utilized for multiple metals in a particular waste stream.

Product Stream Examples:

  • Rejected circuit board scrap and frames
  • Gold and silver plating waste from the jewelry industry
  • Silver solutions from aerospace repair
  • Gold and silver cyanide solutions, plating, dragout and rinses



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