EQ Provides Zero Landfill Waste Solutions

EQ has had much success in creating a zero landfill waste solution at many of its customer facilities, especially in the automotive industry. Through our Total Waste Management Program, EQ works with the on-site team to ensure that all waste streams are reduced, reused and/or recycled to its fullest extent. After this process takes place, EQ can then implement our Zero Landfill Waste Solutions program for the remaining non-hazardous waste using a Waste-To-Energy process. Zero waste to landfill is a goal that any facility would be proud to reach.

The Waste-to-Energy (WTE) process takes non-hazardous waste and turns it into energy. During combustion at a high temperature, the waste is reduced to 10% of its original volume. The heat generated creates steam that turns turbines in order to generate electricity. The result? For every 10 tons of waste, 5,200 kWh of power is generated. Electricity is fed back into the grid and is used to power homes and businesses.

In the energy and climate conscious world that we live, Zero Landfill Waste using a Waste-to-Energy process is a viable alternative. Contact EQ today to find out how you can take advantage of our zero landfill waste solutions!


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