EQ Recognized by General Motors for Helping the Company Reach Landfill Free Status

Manufacturing facilities around the country are adopting sustainable practices. EQ has been instrumental in assisting companies reach or exceed their “green” goals. General Motors (GM) set a goal to be landfill waste free at 50% of their manufacturing facilities by the end of 2010. GM recently announced that they beat the goal and there are now 29 facilities in North America alone that are landfill free.

EQ’s Managed Services Group helped GM achieve this goal at the facilities we service with Total Waste Management contracts. John Bradburn, Program Manager for GM Global Environmental Programs, recently sent a letter to EQ, recognizing our services. An excerpt of that letter follows:

The GM Real Estate and Facilities group would like to thank you and the entire EQ team for your efforts in assisting GM to exceed its Landfill Free program goal. Your company has been a key part of this program and this accomplishment strengthens the commitment you have for waste minimization and customer service.

Your willingness to provide service to an industry in transition has been important. As you know, your mission began together many years ago and through the Resource Management Program, much was accomplished. Those efforts set the stage for implementing the By-products program, bringing a holistic approach to the way we manage all material outputs as commodities with value. This program evolution was imperative for us to achieve our goals, but more importantly to serve our communities with sustainability in mind.

Today, we are happy to let you know that GM now has 29 landfill free facilities within North America alone. Please know that your assistance was significant and is appreciated.

As you know, GM’s landfill free program and other sustainability programs are becoming recognized on a global basis and many look upon GM as a leader in this area. Please know you have been a significant part of this movement and vision for the future. Stay vigilant to this purpose and our world will be a better place. Again, we appreciate your efforts, service to this industry and congratulations to you and the entire EQ team.

John Bradburn
Program Manager, Design for the Environment
GM Global Environmental Programs


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