EQ’s Thanksgiving Tradition

In the spirit of the holidays, EQ recently continued the tradition of providing Thanksgiving turkeys to all of our Associates. This tradition was started by EQ’s founder, Michael Ferrantino, Sr., when he started the company with just one truck and determination. He was a man who understood the importance of family, so he wanted to give something that could be the centerpiece of a family’s holiday celebration.

55 years later, EQ provided close to 1,000 turkeys to our Associates at over 25 locations across the country. We also donated more than 200 turkeys to 24 charitable groups located in communities near our facilities. These turkeys went to deserving families who may not otherwise had been able to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner.

We hope you had a happy Thanksgiving and wish you an enjoyable holiday season. Thank you for your goodwill, loyalty and friendship.

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