EQ Hosted July Ohio Environmental Service Industries Meeting in Michigan

At great potential personal risk, a group of Ohioans (Buckeyes) ventured north into Michigan (Wolverine) territory for the summer OESI meeting, hosted by EQ in July at Detroit’s Greektown casino.

OESI is made up of chemical recycling, treatment, and disposal facilities that process over 600,000 tons of hazardous waste annually, representing 70% of the hazardous waste handled commercially in Ohio.

The brave Buckeye contingent arrived and toured EQ’s Michigan facilities in both Belleville and Detroit. Quite a bit of good-natured ribbing and fraternizing came from both the Wolverine hosts and their Buckeye guests.

Apparently EQ must have made the outsiders feel welcome, as both sides joined forces to attend a Tigers game, and even those with strong Cleveland Indian team roots were actually seen in Tiger stadium enjoying themselves.


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