Las Vegas is now completely powered by renewable energy

Las Vegas is now completely powered by renewable energy

Picture Credit: torstensimon

Currently, for all businesses, buildings and infrastructure of Las Vegas – from government agencies and ending with street lighting – energy comes exclusively from alternative sources.

“We can be proud that today Las Vegas is one of the few cities in the world that is provided with electricity only at the expense of” green “sources,” said said Mayor Carolyn Goodma at a conference.

This achievement was the result of almost ten-year path to the goal – the full transition of Las Vegas to clean energy. This was achieved thanks to the partnership of the housing and utilities company NV Energy. At the same time, in addition to all state-owned enterprises fueled by renewable energy, there are many residential and commercial buildings in which electricity is supplied from traditional sources.

Report on the results achieved, the city administration was able to launch a large solar power station Boulder Solar 1, built on the southeast outskirts of Nevada.

Boulder Solar 1, in combination with other local sources of clean energy, such as geothermal plants and solar panels installed on many roofs throughout Las Vegas, will now provide 100 percent of the city’s municipal facilities.

The transition to renewable energy began in 2008 and since then has been saving the city about $ 5 million, and during this time it has been possible to reduce energy consumption by about 30%.

Now Las Vegas – the largest city in the US, supplied only by Renewable Energy Sources – will help transfer its successful experience to other cities that also strive for a carbon-free future.

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