How to preserve natural resources?

How to preserve natural resources?To change your way of life to a more ecological one is quite difficult. But you can gradually introduce any of these twelve actions into a habit, which in the end will make a small but important contribution to the conservation of natural resources.

Keeping energy, you save money!

1. Whenever possible, choose a lower temperature for washing. By reducing the temperature from 60 degrees to 40, you reduce the power consumption by about a third, with a decrease to 30 degrees, you will save up to 40% of electricity. In addition, the probability of scale formation decreases and the service life of the washing machine increases.

2. Save the dishes
On picnics, for example, disposable utensils help, but still it is preferable to use paper, not plastic cups and plates. In addition, try to save them. Remember how often you took a clean glass at a party because you do not know where you put yours.

3. Use the stairs instead of the elevator – you will not only save a little electricity, but also provide yourself with regular physical activity.

4. Get, whenever possible, to the destination on foot, by bike or by public transport.

Purely – there, where not litter!

5. Arrange an ecological walk with friends or family in the nearest forest. You can combine business with pleasure: spend the day outdoors and clear the forest of debris.

6. Always throw gum into trash cans. Pigeons and other urban birds often try to eat chewing gum from the pavement, which leads to their death.

More recycling – less trash!

8. When choosing paper (including office equipment and toilet paper), give preference to the one that is completely or partially made from recycled materials or certified.

9. Use bags instead of plastic bags. Billions of plastic bags ultimately pollute the environment, rather than being properly disposed of or reused.

10. Use rechargeable batteries instead of regular batteries. One AA battery, thrown into the trash can, pollutes with heavy metals about 20 square meters of land, and in the forest zone it is the habitat of two trees, two moles, one hedgehog and several thousand earthworms.

Less to consume – more to save

11. Turn off the water when not needed. For example, if you wash the dishes, and at this moment the phone rings, do not forget to turn off the water for the period of the conversation.

12. By conducting another audit of unnecessary things, do not carry them all into the garbage. Many cities have charitable organizations and user communities that will gratefully accept clothes, books, used furniture and equipment.

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