The Yellowstone supervolcano is a disaster waiting to happen

Yellowstone geyser, world's largest, shows strange eruption patterns

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The Yellowstone Volcano in the United States can be a huge danger in a few years. The catastrophic volcano eruption will come faster than previous studies have shown.

US Geological Survey reports on the study of the breed of the volcano. They found that his eruption could come about for ten years.

Arizona State University experts figured out the threat of Yellowstone volcano. The danger of an eruption exceeds that of a huge asteroid.

Scientists have long been monitoring the state of the volcano, providing reports on their activities. According to new data, starting March 2018, Yellowstone began to show some activity.

Also, experts began to observe repeated underground shocks, which indicates the turbulence of the volcano. This geyser was in his sleep for about 14 years.

Seismologists found a huge amount of magma under the ground in Yellowstone. The bubble of this magma is at a depth of about 5 miles, and its temperature is 1472 degrees. To conclude that it starts to boil, scientists have come recently. So, a powerful volcano eruption is simply inevitable.

Experts from the University of Texas also assume that the process of abnormal vertical magma flows has already begun, which have already formed irreversibly.

The last eruption of the Yellowstone volcano was about 700 thousand years ago, the scale of which was global.

Scientists recommend the US government to prevent the eruption of the Yellowstone volcano

According to experts, a large-scale catastrophe during the eruption of a superconductor can be prevented. You need to take measures now, because a monstrous cataclysm can happen in the next ten years.

Scientists have suggested to the US government a solution to this problem. They consider the proper way to cool the volcano with cold water and a special solution.

Drilling specialists are first to work: they need to drill a hole at the depth of about 7 miles on the surface of the Earth. Further, a special liquid will be pumped into it.

According to preliminary estimates of experts, the cost of such an operation for the United States will be just over 3.5 billion dollars. The main task of this method is to save humanity from a monstrous massive catastrophe.

Behind the Yellowstone Volcano, seismologists conduct careful observation

Seismological services monitor the state of the volcano in Yellowstone and report daily to the government of the country.

Yellowstone is located in a national park in the northwestern part of the United States. The main part of this park is located in Wyoming, where caldera is located. The Yellowstone Volcano occupies one third of the territory of the National Park of the same name.

At present, the American authorities are preparing for the survival of people after the inevitable eruption. During international negotiations, agreements are concluded with other countries to introduce a temporary shelter for victims of volcanic eruption.

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