Tornado in northeastern Pennsylvania causes severe damage

Tornado in northeastern Pennsylvania causes severe damageThe American state of Pennsylvania was hit by a powerful tornado. In the town of Wilkes-Barre, several houses have been completely destroyed. Partially damaged dozens of houses. Witnesses say that the elements lifted debris and metal beams into the air, they had to hide in shelters. Showcases are broken in stores. Cars parked – even trucks – are broken. However, information about the dead or injured was not received.

Earlier, scientists noted that global warming dramatically reduced the speed of hurricanes in the Atlantic and the Pacific, which makes them more dangerous for nature and man.

In their study, scientists came to the conclusion that the increase in air and water surface temperatures affects the behavior of typical Atlantic and Pacific cyclones. This led to the fact that last year there were four powerful hurricanes of the fourth danger category: Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria, which created a catastrophic situation on the Atlantic coast of the USA and Mexico.

After contact with the earth, the tornado is left behind by large-scale destruction. They lift up into the air and transfer to great distances not only garbage, but also large objects, including trees, houses and transport. A rare person who finds himself in the center of a tornado, is able to survive.

Suffer and people who are in the immediate vicinity of the tornado, because the fragments of buildings flying from it, the beams can seriously injure and even kill.

What is inside the tornado?

The tornado is still a little studied phenomenon, but scientists believe that in the center of the vortex is a region of low pressure, not allowing the outside air to fill the inside of the tornado. It is likely that there are vertical air streams inside, although such phenomena have not been reliably proven.

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