Passive Housing – A Growing Trend

Passive Housing – A Growing TrendA passive house is usually called a building whose heat needs are mostly covered by “passive” sources, such as solar energy.

The excellent thermal insulation of such buildings together with the ventilation system and the use of solar energy and internal heat sources, provides a comfortable indoor climate.

Energy-efficient homes are an investment that can pay off in the future.

Passive houses, in other words energy-efficient houses, are the last trend in construction. Although the cost of building such a building is 30% higher than the standard construction, more and more people are opting for such an expenditure.

Ecological house

The main advantage of passive houses is that they maximize the environment. The energy which is supplied to devices operating in such a building comes from the radiation of sunlight. The water is also heated in a similar way.

A breakthrough achievement, however, is to reduce the heat acquisition costs by up to 90%. All thanks to the special ventilation system of the building and limitations of heat loss ( thanks to windows or walls made of appropriate materials). What’s more, the outer shell of the house does not let air through.

The reheating of the ventilation air, which occurs as a result of the operation of ground heat exchangers and recuperation, makes the energy consumption of this type in passive houses much lower than in typical buildings. In addition, the use of heat from electrical devices or the residents themselves reduces costs up to eight times. Ultimately, therefore, such an investment is extremely profitable.

The innovation of passive houses consists mainly in the improvement and adaptation of elements (such as ventilation) that already exist in the building. What’s more, the idea itself has not been patented, which gives many possibilities – energy-saving solutions can be used in various types of buildings.

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