Ecological Construction: Wooden Houses

Ecological Construction: Wooden HousesWooden houses are an ideal solution for all Investors who want to save at the construction stage as well as later use. Long-lasting, resistant, easy to build and tight – these are their most important features. In addition, they can be freely arranged and adapted to any landscape. Check why it is still worth to bet on wooden houses.

Investors are more inclined to this technology, and the impact on the return of old building methods has many factors. This is due to undeniable visual qualities of wooden buildings or easy and quick execution of such an investment, and thus – savings associated with shorter working time of professionals. The significant increase in ecological awareness also has a significant impact on the decisions regarding the implementation of log houses, amphibians and skeletal structures. More and more people are realizing that the activities carried out now directly affect our future functioning and living conditions of future generations.

Environment-friendly construction process

The benefits for nature related to the construction of wooden house designs are already at the material production stage. Wood is a natural raw material and fully renewable, so its processing, necessary for the possibility of use in construction, does not leave any negative ecological footprint. In fact, it is the only product for erecting the walls of an object that is not subject to man-made processes such as ceramic hollow blocks or cellular concrete blocks. Due to the nature of the process of harvesting timber, it avoids excessive water consumption and the burning of very large amounts of energy and thus emitting significant amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. An important aspect is also the fact that other products used in the implementation of a wooden house are also made of natural renewable resources. Mineral wool is used to insulate the solid, and the interior is covered with wooden OSB panels. Moreover, with this type of investment, heavy equipment such as a concrete mixer is not used, and the transport of materials is easy and fast, which reduces the emission of harmful waste. It can be said that the process of building a wooden house is ecological at every stage.

Ecological exploitation of a wooden house

Other beneficial influences of wooden houses on the environment are related to the subsequent use. Wood is a material characterized by the ability to “breathe”, thanks to which it ensures proper air circulation – it is always clean and fresh. This raw material also has excellent parameters in terms of thermal insulation and usually they are much better compared to brick houses. Wooden buildings are already heating within a few hours and they maintain the optimum temperature for a long time. The above factors make the winter comfortable in them in the winter, while in the summer there is a pleasant chill inside. Thus, we use less energy needed to heat it, as well as electricity associated with the need to ventilate and air-condition the home, and this clearly translates into environmental benefits.

A favorable micro climate favorable for health

It is worth mentioning that all ecological solutions are directly related to our health and well-being. Wood used for the implementation of residential objects is characterized by humidity up to 20%. The high hygroscopicity of the wood and the essential oils contained in it guarantee the creation of a beneficial and friendly micro climate in the home. In addition, the above features are responsible for health properties, because they have a positive effect on the respiratory system. Due to their naturalness, wooden houses are ideal for people prone to allergies and susceptible to various types of infections. When planning a construction, it is worth considering the choice of a wooden house design – its implementation is uncomplicated and environmentally friendly, which should now have a meaning for each of us. Such objects additionally blend in well with the surroundings, and the beneficial micro climate of the interior ensures comfortable living.

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