15 Ways to Keep the Earth Clean

Ways to Keep the Earth CleanThe problem of garbage and air pollution, pollution of water and soils is now very acute for both our country and the world. You may have noticed that recently the garbage bin in your home is just instantly filled up, and the bulk of the waste is made up of various plastic products and packaging. And, perhaps, they have heard of a plastic island with the size of the drifting Australia in the Pacific Ocean.

What can we do, ordinary people, to overcome this problem? Does it depend on us whether our children and grandchildren will live on a pure planet? SO! Our consumer habits and waste management form the future of the Earth. Get acquainted with our simple tips and join the global movement of indifferent people!

  1. Do not throw away debris where you like, especially in nature! Throw garbage only into containers.
  2. After resting in the nature, be sure to collect all the garbage and take it with you to throw it into the nearest garbage can.
  3. Food waste can be buryed, animals and bacteria living in the soil, quickly cope with organic residues.
  4. Plastic garbage before dumping into a garbage can to be squeezed to reduce its volume: why throw in the garbage of air in plastic bottles and cans? By the way, some plastic products can be passed to the points of reception of secondary raw materials. Find out exactly what in the nearest item.
  5. If things can be repaired, do not buy a new one. And in general, do not buy extra things and food.
  6. Use paper on both sides. Printed or dumped sheets on one side can be used as drafts.
  7. Sort garbage! Waste paper, some glass and plastic bottles, metal products, batteries, energy saving and fluorescent lamps can be recycled.
  8. Imitate fashion couturier and artists – you can make various decorations, clothes and installations from the rubbish.
  9. Add other organic materials to the compost.
  10. Use things for the second time, do not give you clothes, toys or other things that you do not need to acquaint you, or in orphanages.
  11. Shop for  materials.
  12. Try not to use disposable utensils and plastic packaging.
  13. Use the batteries (or power adapter) instead of batteries. Batteries and batteries require safe disposal.
  14. Used eco-bags – it’s fashionable and useful for nature! Do not take plastic packs in the store, avoid plastic packaging, choose materials that decompose faster – paper, cardboard or special folding plastic.
  15. Teach others to handle waste properly so as not to clog our planet!

Picture Credit: LisaRedfern

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