How to Get the Best From Your Immune System

How to Get the Best From Your Immune SystemImmunity is a complex multi-level system in which immune processes of stimulation and inhibition are balanced. And if you try to improve the immune system (usually by this means to stimulate) without information about the state of the cells and organs of the immune system, without research and diagnosis (assessment of systemic and local immunity), such an increase in immunity can upset the balance and cause the immune system to fail as even more exacerbation of the existing problem or the appearance after a while of completely new problems in the body (allergic reactions, dysfunctions of the immune system, autoimmune diseases, etc.).

How to improve immunity and not harm
It is impossible to increase the entire immunity, you can only stimulate certain parts of the immune system while reducing their functions. After all, the well-known allergy is an increased immunity, but a certain link, which on the contrary needs to be reduced. A more correct tactic is not a general increase in immunity, but the correction of its individual links.

Increase immunity can be specifically and nonspecific
There are two forms of effects on the immune system:

  • Nonspecific immunity enhancement is a general tonic, tonic methods aimed at correcting immunity and healing the whole body;
  • Specific enhancement of immunity – drugs and methods that affect specific cells and parts of the immune system.

Depending on the level of weakness of various parts of the immune system, as well as disruption of immune cells and reduced protection to foreign agents, the necessary corrective actions can be identified on the following parts of the immune system:

Enhance anti-infective immunity:

  • antibacterial immunity;
  • antiviral immunity;
  • immunity against parasites and worms;
  • antifungal immunity;
  • Antiallergic specific immunotherapy.

How to improve immunity nonspecific.
Full sleep (7-9 hours) in a well-ventilated room (during sleep, energy and nutrients go to the recovery of organs and tissues, and during wakefulness they are used for vigorous activity). An important factor in a good rest is sleep at night, in accordance with the natural biorhythms of the body;

A full-fledged healthy diet can boost immunity, giving all the necessary building materials for its quality work:

  • sufficient protein intake (fish, cottage cheese, meat) is necessary for the synthesis of immunoglobulins (antibodies) – protective molecules of immunity against foreign agents;
  • fats in a small amount, both vegetable and animal origin (since immune cells are synthesized from arachidonic acid);
  • A sufficient amount of vegetables and fruits (these are natural vitamins and microelements, as well as cellulose adsorbing toxins and metabolic products);
  • Hardening helps to improve the entire body and strengthen the immune system (regular dousing with cold water or a contrast shower, a visit to a bath or sauna, swimming in the pool);
  • Sufficient physical activity is important for improving immunity, because it reduces weight, improves metabolic processes and excretion of metabolic products from the body (perfect for all long walks in the fresh air in the park, doing suitable fitness, visiting the pool, etc.);
  • A good psycho-emotional state helps to raise the immune system (it is noticed that a person with an optimistic attitude is less sick, both in frequency and in duration);
  • Acceptance of adaptogens, vitamins, microelements (periodically with psycho-emotional overload, heavy physical exertion, the threat of an epidemic, malnutrition, metabolic disorders, etc.)
  • The absence of bad habits (smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, overeating, etc.).

How to increase immunity specifically
Specific methods of influencing the immunity include:

  • specific drugs (immunomodulators, immunostimulants, adaptogens, etc.);
  • physiotherapeutic specific effects (EHF, laser therapy, magnetic therapy, bioresonance therapy, light therapy);
  • homeopathic and antihomotoxicological drugs.

These methods affect certain cells, links and organs of the immune system, stimulating, suppressing and correcting only links with impaired function. After all, most often at the same time some cells or processes are suppressed, while others are at the same time too active. Therefore, almost always in the case of immunity problems, immunocorrection is necessary.

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