10 Principles of Non-Waste Lifestyle

How to stop using plastic, save some money and reduce environmental damage.

1. Buy a reusable water bottle

Your own bottle of water will not only save you from thirst and waste of money but will also give you the opportunity to experiment with the taste of the drink. The most environmentally friendly alternatives are metal and glass bottles, but reusable ones (made of high-quality plastic) are also suitable.

2. Replace plastic bags with a reusable fabric bag

Almost every trip to the store ends with the purchase of a plastic bag. It performs its function for several minutes, after that it ends up in a landfill in the role of garbage or garbage bag.

Small fabric bags are a good alternative. In some stores, you can buy them directly at the checkout. They almost do not tear, do not wrinkle and take up little space.

3. Do not use plastic bags when weighing vegetables in stores

For these purposes, bags of natural fabrics have been invented for a long time. You can buy or sew them yourself from old clothes or bedding. And you can also refuse packages if one product is weighed: one apple, one carrot, one onion or one lemon.

4. Recycle food waste and paper into compost

This method is ideal for the summer season. Creating a compost heap will reduce waste and facilitate maintenance of the garden.

5. Give preference to glass storage systems

They are not only prettier than plastic containers but also do not harm health.

6. Buy wooden combs and toothbrushes

They are not inferior to ordinary plastic in price or functionality. Moreover, some tree species, such as bamboo, have an antibacterial effect.

7. Refuse disposable devices in favor of metal

In stores, you can buy small sets consisting of a fork, a spoon, and a cover, which you can always take with you.

8. Use cotton wool and toothpicks instead of cotton buds

It is not only cheaper but also more convenient since now cotton wool will take only the form that is convenient for you.

9. Replace razors with more environmentally friendly metal machines

Although they are not so easy to use, their contents will cost you a penny. It is worth noting that this item is also suitable for women.

10. Go to other means for intimate hygiene

Daily panty liners can be replaced with a timely change of underwear. And during menstruation, it is better to use menstrual cups or reusable tissue pads. The first can be ordered on the Internet, and the second can be sewn independently.

The transition from disposable to reusable products reduces the amount of plastic waste, and also significantly reduces the cost of some items in the budget. The purity of the planet depends only on us!

Picture Credit: Pexels

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