Plastic Pollution Is A Real Problem

Plastic Pollution is a Real ProblemEvery minute, one or more plastic waste containers are thrown into the ocean. Every day, 100 million plastic bottles are thrown around the world. Located next to each other could take half the road from the ground to the sun. We consume about 4 billion plastic bags every year. The plastic bottle thrown in the forest can be broken down even up to 1000 years.

It sounds unbelievable, but over the last few decades we’ve produced enough plastic to wrap the whole globe. You do not need to look at the statistics, just look around yourself – billions of people killed by plastic animals, polluted beaches and oceans, and even our health problems, caused by the consumption of plastic microelements, have become everyday life. What can we do to have a real impact on the environment? Here are some useful tips that should be among our daily habits.

Recently, reusable bottles have become increasingly popular. The choice is enormous, starting with those to whom we can pour a drink before leaving the house, and ending with filter bottles that we can fill where we like. Limiting the purchase of drinks in plastic bottles is not only saving money, but also a relief for our planet.

When shopping in a supermarket, it’s hard not to notice the overwhelming amount of plastic packaging on all shelves. Try as much as possible, however, those that are not unnecessarily wrapped in harmful to our environment material. After all, we can simply glue the price on the vegetable we buy, instead of packing it into unnecessary nets, which when they return home, will land in the basket? However, if you need to buy something not packaged in a non-organic way, try to take a large package to minimize the plastic consumption, eg change five-liter bottles of water into one.

If it’s difficult for you to give up plastic drinking straws, it’s worth replacing them with metal ones. For you the difference is insignificant, and for the environment really huge. Also, try not to use plastic cutlery, plates and cups that can be easily replaced with a traditional tableware.

In an increasing number of cafes, sellers will agree to make coffee or tea for the cup we brought. This is a good solution, because the disposable, even paper ones, seemingly ecological, are often covered with very thin layers of film, which makes them difficult to recycle. We also say NO to plastic covers. It’s worth taking your own thermos with you – this product is easily available in most stores.

It seems to be one of the most obvious advice, but it can not be overlooked. A wide range of eco-bags is the opportunity to help our environment, and in addition a much more aesthetic option than a regular plastic bag.

Tell people around you how and why it’s worth protecting our planet from the increasing amount of plastic. Maybe you can convince your close friend, school friend, partner or family to apply a few simple rules that will help our environment. Each of us can have a huge impact on the world in which we live. Let’s not postpone this for later. The right time is right now.

Picture Credit: Pixabay

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